Thursday, August 1, 2013

Butter London Rock Your Color

Check it out, guys!

Butter London has ventured into the realm of makeup!

A 'punk rock' collection, it includes color mascaras, cream eye shadow, eye pencils, cream blushes, tinted lip balms, and, of course, nail lacquers.

The collection includes varying shades of purples, blues, green, pink, gold shimmer, brown, white, black... and more! Check them out.

You can buy them here: Rock Your Color

Oh, my poor checkbook...

Monday, July 29, 2013

Black and Blue... Tips and Toes

Hello my Lovelies!

This past weekend was a Butter London weekend. I received my little Butter London haul, and could not wait to try on Blagger. It was what I was truly waiting on my haul for.

I was not disappointed.

Blagger is a beautiful blue color. To me, it's a straight up Crayola Blue. This was after a weekend of wear, so it held up pretty well. That's been my general experience with Butter London; it holds up really well. And I'm fairly tough on my nails. This is after lots of computer typing, dog walking, and adventuring.

This next picture I took just to show you how much your nails match the bottle once polished.

I'm IN LOVE with this blue. Two chic blue thumbs up for this one!

On my feet I had Butter London's The Black Knight, but I could not get a good photo of it, so I nixed that for this posting. I'll have more on that when I get a better picture. Sorry guys; I'm not bendy enough!!

What colors would you guys like to see next? Let me know in the comments below.

Love and Puppy Tail Wags,


Monday, July 22, 2013

Good morning, my dears, and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

C, Diamond and I went to his family reunion this past Saturday. Good weather, lots of sun and fun and Diamond got a ton of attention (which he loves). Plus, he was so tired, he was still sleeping yesterday! A tired puppy is a happy puppy, and he was certainly having some great adventure dreams.

Anyhow, I was inspired by Pinterest (red flag... red flag!!) and decided to do these nails for the weekend:

Ahh, this one is blurry... But you get the gist. I also attempted to match my tootsies. 

Ignore the paint splatter on my background. And my dry toes. Eww, it's just occurring to me how little I like looking close up at my toes!

I just wanted to show y'all. These were done using Zoya's Sweet and Purity polishes, along with a Wet n Wild black polish that I cannot think of the name of right this second. It was also my first time (!!) using a dotting tool. Weird to mention, but also true. I found it to be a fairly successful experience.

As this goes on, I promise to get a constant background, and better pictures. And some lotion.

Still waiting for my Butter London haul. I can't wait!! And I'm also about to order again.

I have issues.

Love and puppy tail wags,


Monday, July 15, 2013

I Need A Refresh-Mint

How apropos a title, given the weather here lately! I mean, I'm one of those 'always cold' people, and even I am warm!

Today, I want to show you a find that I just, well, found. It's Wet 'n Wild's megalast polish in 'I Need A Refresh-Mint'.

As you can see, it's a beautiful blue-mint color. I think it's more 'blue' than mint, with a bit of a dusty look to it, but I appreciate the color nonetheless.

Some people have commented on the brush; it's a bit shorter and squatter than most polish brushes, but I kind of liked it! The only time I had any trouble with it is on my pinky-finger nail; the brush was almost the same size as my nail! But, no real issues. I thought it was quite easy to control. My brush does have one stray bristle, but if it ever becomes an issue, I'll snip it off.

I know it's blurry; my camera kept picking up the desk to focus on!

Here it is on my nails:

                                           Please ignore the cuticles. I did this from work (shh!)

I have this on with Butter London's Nail Foundation as a base, and Butter London's Hardwear P. D. Quick topcoat. I love this base/top coat combination, but more on Butter London in future posts. I have a bit of a haul coming in soon.

For me, this is a winner. I love the color, it's inexpensive, and most importantly, it's 3 Free (Toulene, phthalate, and formaldehyde free).

Love and Puppy Tail Wags,


Monday, July 8, 2013

Welcome to Makeup, Nails and Puppy Dog Tails!

My name is Sarah, and I will be your hostess. I have a passion for all things beauty, and a weakness for buying said things! I hope to fill these pages with much about the world of makeup, nail polishes and other beauty treatments.

Oh, yes, the puppy dog tails. Well, I will also be sharing the exploits and adventures of my fur-baby, Diamond. He promises to try and not take over the blog, but I can't say I believe that. He's much too ornery and cute for his own good!

That said, let's have fun, learn about new things together, and just have a good time.