Monday, July 15, 2013

I Need A Refresh-Mint

How apropos a title, given the weather here lately! I mean, I'm one of those 'always cold' people, and even I am warm!

Today, I want to show you a find that I just, well, found. It's Wet 'n Wild's megalast polish in 'I Need A Refresh-Mint'.

As you can see, it's a beautiful blue-mint color. I think it's more 'blue' than mint, with a bit of a dusty look to it, but I appreciate the color nonetheless.

Some people have commented on the brush; it's a bit shorter and squatter than most polish brushes, but I kind of liked it! The only time I had any trouble with it is on my pinky-finger nail; the brush was almost the same size as my nail! But, no real issues. I thought it was quite easy to control. My brush does have one stray bristle, but if it ever becomes an issue, I'll snip it off.

I know it's blurry; my camera kept picking up the desk to focus on!

Here it is on my nails:

                                           Please ignore the cuticles. I did this from work (shh!)

I have this on with Butter London's Nail Foundation as a base, and Butter London's Hardwear P. D. Quick topcoat. I love this base/top coat combination, but more on Butter London in future posts. I have a bit of a haul coming in soon.

For me, this is a winner. I love the color, it's inexpensive, and most importantly, it's 3 Free (Toulene, phthalate, and formaldehyde free).

Love and Puppy Tail Wags,


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